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Welcome to my personal website! My name is Ceara and I’m a fifth year PhD student in Computer Science at Georgia Tech. I have a Masters in Industrial Design and a Masters in Human Computer Interaction. My PhD research focuses on instrumenting dog toys with various sensors for measuring various canine interactions. Then using those interactions to better understand aspects of temperament and behavior.

My current graduate research focuses on brain computer interfaces and creating in-ear EEG electrodes for SSVEP.


Data Driven Design

Physical Computing

When I think of physical computing, I see the possibilities for advancing our research into human (or animal!) interaction.

By expanding our knowledge of these fields, I hope we can begin finding novel ways to detect and quantify problems in health.

Wearable Computing

I love everything about wearable technology. The ability to augment the everyday world with new and exciting programs is one of the most interesting developments in the field of HCI.

Affective Computing

In a world where everyone is both connected, yet disconnected, I’m interested in exploring how affective computing can be used to help bring people together. I’m also interested in how tangibles can provide insight into human and canine affect.


Brain Computer Interfaces

I’m interested in finding new ways to make EEG more mobile and user-friendly. Current state-of-the-art EEG is an extensive, time-consuming process, and disparately documented process. How can we make it easier for people to use and play with?


The best part of research? Coming to the end and having more questions than when you started…


I use design to understand user needs and market gaps, explore various methods of communicating the design goals to the user, and to quickly iterate over prototypes.


I like making things work; understanding how the hardware and software works helps me understand how to more effectively design experiences around the various technologies.


To enhance the experience of using a webpage, you can’t just make things look beautiful. You also have to consider elements like efficient load time and how different devices might affect them.