My name is Ceara and I’m a 4th year Computer Science PhD student in Human Computer Interaction at Georgia Tech. I am a developer and designer who believes in creating things around empathy before everything – be it physical or digital. I try to develop products and technology that put people and their needs first. I have a dual masters degrees from Georgia Tech. The first is in Industrial Design (ID), where I focused on e-textiles for older adult knee rehabilitation, and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), investigating haptics for wearable, remote, two-way communication between humans and canines for tasks such as Search and Rescue. I’ve designed both physical and digital products for fortune 500 companies and startups alike.

My current research for the Facilitating Interactions for Dogs with Occupations (FIDO) lab focuses on learning and designing new ways for quantifying canine temperament and augmenting non-verbal communication. Outside of the lab, my latest fascination is with making hand pies and doing anything that involves the outdoors (mostly running, biking, hiking, and camping). I’m always interested in meeting and collaborating with new people, so feel free to message :).

Data - Driven Design

Data Analytics

My work uses data analytics to provide insight into future design decisions.

Affective Computing

My work uses wearables and tangibles to understand underlying physiological responses and emotion through ambient ways.

The -Bles

My work has predominately focused on both wearables and tangibles — how we interact with ourselves and objects.

Hi-Lo Tech

I am always trying to figure out novel ways for converting high-tech concepts into low-tech methods.

Research and Publications

Description. Prediction. Prescription.

I have designed research protocols and have conducted numerous qualitative and quantitative studies using methods ranging from grounded theory and affinity diagramming to the collection of numerical data from tangible and physiological sensors.

Design Work

I create clean and innovative tangible, wearable, and IoT experiences that optimize how users interact with their environment so that the experiences streamline their world.


I mostly work in the data analytics sector, using machine learning and artificial intelligence for forecasting, such as predicting building occupancies to help offset the HVAC load or stock market simulators that leverage machine learning so that I can know when to place a buy or sell order. I also work with a VIP group on Big Data Analytics for Public and Private Enterprises. Click to learn more.

Hardware Prototyping

I’ve used products ranging from Arduino, Teensy, and Fireflies to creating custom PCBs for creating novel and fun interactions.

Drop Me a Line

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