Product Designer for Project Frog, Inc.

Company Description

Whether you are a school district facing a time-crunch to get kids in seats, a healthcare provider seeking modern environments for clinical care, or a data center operator looking for flexible, fast to up-time facilities: Project Frog’s innovative building platforms offer the right combination of accelerated construction schedules, programmatic flexibility, best-in-class systems, and expert technical support. 

We realize benefits for our customers through:   

  • Rapidly configurable component buildings 
  • A global network of quality assured SKU manufacturers
  • End-to-end project support and coordination
  • Standard warranties on building components and systems  

Project Details

Client Project Frog, Inc
Date 2007-2010
Role Product Design Engineer

Projects that are lean, green, and stream-lined

  • Precision manufacturing of all building kit components occurs in quality-controlled factory environments, ensuring product arrives to site free of defects or the need for change orders 
  • Building kits are designed for easy transport and packed flat to minimize the number of deliveries, reducing the environmental and financial impacts of shipping
  • Just-in-time delivery drives efficient, clean construction sites with minimal lay-down space required
  • On-site KANBAN inventory protocol drives no-stock out builds for all kit related fasteners and materials, minimizing disruptions to workflow
  • Comprehensive delivery and sequencing schedules empower general contractors to oversee coordinated, efficient sites that reduce risk associated with delay
  • Intuitive installation requires no specialized trades, allowing general contractors to reduce labor costs and accelerate project schedules
  • A ‘Well’ Core and Shell. Building kits and components are designed to meet or exceed WELL Building, LEED and CHPS certification standards, providing design-build teams with an excellent core and shell platform for certification 

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As a product design engineer at Project Frog, my role was to design and manage several major product lines.

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