MIT Media Lab: Member Connect App

Project Description

The app was developed to help MIT’s Media Lab industry partners connect with different labs and researchers within the Media Lab at the annual Member Event. It allows partners to manage their event schedule, continue conversations with people they’ve met, and create meaningful relationships with the students and their projects.

Project Details

Client MIT Media Lab and their industry partners
Date 2013
Skills Illustrator, UX
Role Lead UX designer. Started as a 2 person team and then grew when I left.

My role was to design the user experience from initial concept through wireframes. Starting with journey maps, we walked through how a member might use the app while at the Member Event, exploring different features, such as the integration of fiducial technology research being done in the Media Lab. Once the journey maps were finished, I was able to start planning for app development. The app featured different colored tiles for different types of information, such as people, labs, or research, and allowed users to get updates on new projects, read more about the projects, and connect with people easily.

Check out the demo video below to learn more!

Demo Video

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