Professor on Fire Shawl

Project Description

Collaborating with Clint Zeagler and Jessica Pater, we were asked to create a wearable for Dr. Beth Mynatt to wear while receiving recognition as an ACM Fellow. My role was to lead the construction and development of the lighting that pulsed in response to the applause from the audience. The lighting had two additional modes: an ambient pulse that did not respond to noise, for when she was speaking, and an “off” mode.

I urge you to check out Dr. Mynatt wearing it here.

Project Details

Client GVU Center
Date July 2016
Skills Hardware prototyping, Arduino, FFT
Role Hardware and software building

Hardware Prototyping

The project included:

  • 10 NeoPixel Jewels. Two sets of three tethered together and 4 left as individual Jewels. (
  • 3 buttons to switch between modes.
  • 1 Feather 32u4 Basic Proto Board. (

The project uses a Goertzel Algorithm to provide a threshold between ambient noise and clapping. To get the pulsing of the lights, the brightness was set to a sinusoidal pattern, which sped up as the clapping intensified.

Learn More

To learn more about the project and watch video of it on Dr. Mynatt

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