Project Pilgrim

Project Description

Tired of juggling between apps to manage your connected devices? Or, annoyed with lengthy setup processes to connect your “smart” light bulbs, coffee maker or crock pot? Imagine if your devices at home connected through your phone rather than many pin numbers or pass codes to gain access.

Pilgrim is a project built at the AT&T Foundry in Atlanta that makes it simple to integrate “smart” light bulbs and other household items into your everyday life. A single app can monitor and control all your devices on the AT&T network. Pilgrim also gives you the ability to share control of each device. In this way, you can “link experiences” across apps on your phone or tablet. For example, if your connected car leaves the driveway and your home lights are still on, you can turn them off using Pilgrim.

In the future, Pilgrim could let you use your phone to give temporary access to your home. This project is just one example of how technology could help simplify your life.

Role: Junior Developer

Project Details

Client AT&T Foundry, Ecosystems and Innovation
Date May 2015
Skills Raspberry Pi, Linux, nodeJS, Android
Role Technical Intern

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